JRS – Isusovačka služba za izbjeglice

Activities In Organization

Activities in the Reception Centre for Asylum Seekers

“Women for Women”

JRS is organizing many activities especially for women. Our goal is to create space where all women from the reception centre can enjoy each other’s company and participate in different activities. Our activities are designed by the women themselves and are adjusted to their needs. Our workshop “Women for Women” creates a friendly atmosphere where all are invited to talk, share tea, coffee or cookies, and enjoy pleasant company. It is a great opportunity to meet new friends, relax and learn something new.

Another activity dedicated to women is our dancing workshop, organized by JRS volunteers, where women can choose their own music, exercise and have fun. The goal is to promote healthy lifestyles while building new friendships.

Playroom for Children

This activity is dedicated to the children accommodated in the reception centre. The purpose of the workshop is to create a safe place for children to learn, play and enjoy themselves. This workshop is designed to respond to the needs of the children and to provide protection, psychosocial well-being and non-formal education. The workshop is organized according to the age of the children and utilizes age appropriate games, learning techniques and educational content. The workshop provides a safe and stimulating environment and is also an entry point for work with the whole family. Through this workshop, the JRS team helps to empower children and their parents to deal with the daily challenges and delicate life situation of living in a reception centre.

“Computer Room”

This workshop is a daily activity for all asylum seekers. Access to the internet and technology is one of the most important issues in the reception centre. The JRS computer room provides asylum seekers free access to information and facilitates free communication through Skype, social networks and other computer applications. Furthermore, different workshops on computer literacy are offered to educate and empower refugees. One of the most important activities in the computer room is the workshop on Croatian language organized by volunteers.

“Info Room”

The “Info Room” is a place where asylum seekers can get information on all relevant topics from the house rules of the reception centre to asylum procedures. Reception centre residences can also obtain legal counseling on asylum and psychosocial support regarding the challenges that they are facing.

“Dancing and Music Workshop”

Music and dance are the things that brings us together! This workshop organised by JRS cultural mediators and volunteers is combination of dancing, singing and playing african instruments with croatian beats.

Activities in the detention

JRS is one of the few NGOs which are present every week in the detention centre for persons who are caught illegally in Croatian territory. The JRS team provides legal counseling, psychosocial support and organises different cultural and sports activities in order to raise the quality of life.

Activities in Integration – Center for integration of refugees “SOL”

“Home Visits”

JRS visits people who have been granted international protection in their new homes in order to support them in the integration process. We distribute packages to households with basic grocery supplies and help make individual and family plans in order to encourage them to be actively involved in the community.

“Workshops for Croatian language”

JRS organises Croatian language classes in our Integration center “SOL” for persons who have been granted international protection status. We hold classes based on the needs of our beneficiaries, their prior knowledge and learning skills.

“Workshops for Technology and IT”

We offer educational workshops that promote technology and IT literacy. We organise workshops on basic programing in the cooperation with our partner, the prominent IT company “Web.burza”. In addition, we conduct a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) workshop on computer programing in cooperation with prominent investor and entrepreneur Nenad Bakić.

“Newspaper Workshop”

This workshop, organized by the JRS team together with volunteers and refugees, produces the publication “Staze”, the first newspaper in Croatia for refugees that is written by refugees themselves. “Staze” is published in four languages: Croatian, English, Arabic and Persian/Farsi. The newspaper covers topics relevant to refugees and the challenges they face. The workshop and publication creates a sense of community and gathers volunteer and refugees together to work on the same goal.