JRS – Isusovačka služba za izbjeglice

JRS Team

JRS Team

The mission and vision of the Jesuit Refugee Service is carried out on a daily basis by a staff consisting of a director, head of the office, project associate, communications associate, legal advisers and advocates, and social workers. JRS’s success is also contributed by volunteers who make their time and abilities available to carry out various JRS activities.

The JRS Director is responsible for implementing the mission of accompanying, serving and advocating the rights of refugees and other forcibly displaced persons in Croatia, Serbia and Kosovo. He is the driving and motivational force of the whole team and volunteers and he is available to them daily by assisting them in fulfilling and carrying out the mission. At this moment, the service of the director of the JRS is performed by the Jesuit, Tvrtko Barun.

Furthermore, the head of the office coordinates, develops and helps to implement JRS programs and projects on a daily basis. The project coordinator helps the office manager through active monitoring of tenders and potential sources of funding that meet the needs of JRS.

Associates for legal affairs and advocacy provide legal counseling and assistance to asylum seekers in relation to their international protection seeking procedures and other legal issues that they face on a daily basis. Leading the advocacy mission, the communications associate creates and implements the JRS communication strategy and develops key messages that PR tools and channels communicate to different audiences.

Our social workers assist asylum seekers daily by recognizing and responding to their medical, psychological and other needs. By conducting various activities and workshops, social workers assist asylum seekers in overcoming the tragedies and traumas that they have survived, and to people who are granted international protection, social workers provide support for quality and faster integration into society.